Pokemon Black and White 2 Updates

Black Kyurem looks good but Imma get White 2. Kyurem-Reshiram hybrid all the way!

I want to live in Japan right now. I want to be able to speak and understand Japanese. Why? Coz they’d be releasing Pokemon Black and White 2 this June 23rd, while us in the rest of the world have to wait til this fall.

But no bother. I am still envious as hell but fall is almost right around the corner, right? Right?

Until then, here’re stuff that we’d have to drool over…

Pokemon Black and White 2 Updates!

New Player Characters:

Though I do think the protagonists from BW look better. Just sayin’

A new Rival:

Can’t wait to kick this guy’s ass every battle XD

New Gym Leaders:

Homika (Poison-type), Shizui (Water-type) and Cheren (one of two rivals in the first games) is now a Normal-type Gym Leader, replacing Lenora.   Elesa (Electric-type) and Skyla (Flying-type) also return as Gym Leaders.

Homika and Shizui

These facts? Just the tip of the iceberg. For more info, news and updates and stuff, visit here.

Can’t wait for these games, seriously.

Oh yeah! XD


Because I Love Monsters in Balls

I’ve always been a fan of the Pokemon game series. Admittedly, I’ve discovered the anime series first (back in grade school, it was the rage here in the Philippines in the late 1990s) and played my first game (Pokemon Yellow) back in high school using an emulator. After that discovery, I never looked back– I just kept loving and kept playing.

I was a kid then, and was badgering my Mom to buy me a Gameboy Advance SP. She told me: “After you graduated college and have a job, you can buy whatever you want.”

We’re not rich, we’re a middle class family that could think of better ways of spending a few thousand bucks. Buying a gadget on a boy’s whim was not one of them.

So I did what she said. And a few years later, bought myself a Nintendo DS Lite.

My DS and my Pokemon games 🙂

You couldn’t imagine the joy I felt when I started playing Pokemon HeartGold in it. One of my dreams: ACHIEVED!

It was just in time for the North American release of Pokemon Black and White too. Obviously, I had to buy myself a copy of one of the games!

Because I’ve always thought Reshiram was better-looking and decidedly more kickass than Zekrom. XD

My Pokemon Black team

Now, in June 23rd, Japan’s gonna release the sequel to the Pokemon Black and White games– Pokemon Black and White 2. Which means I get to have a copy featuring White Kyurem later this fall.

Yep. All good. XD