Pokemon Black Re-Play (2) — The Pinwheel Forest Chase

Hi there. Earlier this week, I started playing PM Black again. Here’s what’s happening so far…

I took out Cress from the Striaton City Gym. He’s one of the three Gym Leader siblings. Using my newly evolved Pignite and my Lvl 15 Pansage, I got myself the Trio Badge!

I always cringe when I look at that weird blue hair, seriously. XD

After doing a lot of stuff after that–battling Cheren and winning, taking back the Pokemon Team Plasma stole from a little girl and the subsequent Pokemon-catching and level ups– I took on Lenora of Nacrene City and won against her. I received the Basic Badge for that. 🙂

Lenora, one of my favorite Gym Leaders in Unova. I wonder what she’s doing with that lame-ass Hawes guy though. True love, I guess. lol

You all knew what happened after that. Team Plasma barged into the museum/Gym and stole the Dragon skull (Dragonite skull, from the look of it) from the center exhibit. So I was tasked to go after Team Plasma and retrieve the skull with (gay?) Castelia City Gym Leader, Burgh.

Anyway, before that, here’s my Pokemon team so far…

Pignite Lvl 26

Drilbur Lvl 26

Blitzle Lvl 26

Tranquill Lvl 26

I aim to add a Sewaddle  to my team, as my Grass-type. Pansage is cool, but I already took him all the way to the Elite Four during my first playthrough. This time, I want to use something new.  XD

More updates soon! XD


The third time these last three months…

There was this guy sitting next to me in the bus the other night; prolly wanted to hook up. He kept rubbing his leg against mine. Like over and over. Even though I ignored him, not even remotely interested, and moved my leg as far away as possible, I felt a bit empowered.

It was a first. Some people actually want me. I guess my pheromones are still working. They are dead-ass lazy, but they’re still working. XD

Love Affair with Books and Writing

Okay, I’ve always loved books. I devour them, I absorb them. And if people would stop commenting on my state of mind and insisting I wear a straightjacket, I would’ve married a nice young book to give me little book children.

Books shaped my life. Through reading, I learned how to write. And by learning to write, I took up Journalism in college and graduated with that degree.

I was thirteen when I borrowed this fun book from my classmate. It was R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps. I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with that one. Don’t Go To Sleep was so exciting I decided to write a story too, in the style of Mr. Stine.

Of course, my writing clock back then ticked just between ‘amateur hour’ and ‘derpy mediocre’, but I was so excited and proud of my first creation that I forced my friends into reading it. I wasn’t imaginative enough to create my own characters so the story featured me and my friends.

I wrote it in my intermediate pad and started something like this: “Give me back my pen, you stupid dork,” I shouted at Mark as I chased him around the classroom. When he didn’t stop, I picked up a textbook and threw it at him, hitting him in the face. That scene was inspired by something that actually happened around that time in class. I was so annoyed with my classmate, Mark that I did throw something at him. It was a lampaso (dried coconut husk used for scrubbing waxed floors into awesome shininess).

Anyway, the story ended with: The last thing I remembered was the bloody foot walking to Adrian. Since then, I’ve written a lot of shorts. Almost always, I didn’t get to finish them. I remember one involving a camping trip (inspired by our class’ actual educational tour to Legazpi City) where the kids have to lock themselves in the school bus to fend off a horrible monster.

Sophomore year and it was the V.C. Andrews phase. I couldn’t get enough since I’ve read Dark Angel. I wanted something older in my palette and Ms. Andrews was it. So I abandoned the kid-stuff scary stories like a sailor trapped in a ship full of Twilight groupies and exchanged it for gothic tales of incest and young love. Needless to say, I wrote some short fiction in the spirit of dear Ms. Andrews and her ghostwriter. They were about heroines caught in tough family drama and hormones. I used to encode it in our PC, have it printed and smack it against my friends’ faces so they could read it. I’d follow them home if they wouldn’t.

Here are some of them stories: Catherine – she’s a girl with a pleasant personality (what you might call fugly or in Filipino terms, ‘saksakan ng pangit’) who was so unloved by her family that she had to fake her own death by burning down their house (with her family still in it).

Iris – who has always lived in the shadow of her perfect sister, even after her death.

Jade – an Oriental girl who was sexually abused by her adoptive father. When she discovered who her real father was (a Triad boss), she had dear adoptive daddy stabbed to death.

Forgot-Her-Name girl—she fell in love with a famous violinist who was a guest in their home. But when she discovered him sleeping with her mother one night, she pushed him off the terrace.

You’re sensing a pattern, right? Someone’s always getting killed in my creations. That’s because I was having that transition from V.C. Andrews to Ed McBain. 😀 By high school senior year, I’ve run through various works of fiction; from fantasy to detective novels; from romance novels to cat mysteries (I know, crime-solving cats, what the hell?).

I loved the variety though; the mix of influences that reading has given me. So when it was time for me to choose my college course, I immediately picked something where I could write all time.

I never regretted it. 😀

Well, You Know…Ghosts at the Office!

June 6, 2012.

There isn’t any doubt that our office is haunted, not only with letters for SSS updates from irate employees and payday lags earlier this year, but also with hauntings of the woo-woo, Omigod-is-that-a-ghost kind.

Ghosts at the office, yey!

The most recent ‘paramdam’ occured this last Monday. Apparently–

“Ate May said one of the probee guys saw this really pretty girl with short hair sitting beside you last night,” said Ate Ren.

I stared at her, wondering what she was talking about. I’ve just arrived at the office and I was panting a little bit from hurrying along Paseo de Roxas. You already know about the running– I was desperate not to arrive late for work a second time this month.

“A girl, sitting in Mark‘s chair,” said Ate Ren. The smile she gave me was half-creeped out, half-excited.

I told her that Mark was absent and I’d know if someone was sitting at his cubicle coz it was right beside mine.

“Exactly,” she said, nodding.

And it dawned on me–finally– she was talking about a ghost.

I dunno where this ghost stuff came from. Nobody had died in the premises, least as far as I know. But they told me there’d been repeated hauntings over the years. They were creep-out moments sure, but they weren’t stuff you’d see in horror movies.

Sometimes, the spookfest happens in the middle of the day. It seemed like a safe bet that most paranormal activities occur after dark, but maybe these ghosts are some kind of hipsters? Ha.


“So this new guy asked Ate May if she knew the girl’s name,” continued Ate Ren. “He thought she was new to Research. Hey, he even described the cubicle she was sitting at and it was Mark’s cubicle. He said it was the one with the fake animal fur and the flower.”

Mark’s workstation. It’s not as oddly decorated as it looks. XD

Fact is, there aren’t any girl newbies with us in the shift (not yet anyway, they arrived on Tuesday) so maybe the guy was talking about Jane, who’s only with us a few weeks. She is certainly good-looking enough, though she was working the first shift (we work the second) and she doesn’t have short hair. The girl might be from another department but it wasn’t likely that she’d hang out in Research.

It was kind of exciting, actually. Paranormal stuff happening from time to time. As long as I don’t experience them firsthand. lol

Almost always, it was Office Buddy Mark who could sense a ghost. He’s had a couple since he started working here.

Once, while he was sitting by one of our old cubicles (we switch seats every year) located near the locker room, he felt cold fingers stroke the back of his neck. “I thought it was one of our teammates joking around,” he said. “But I turned around and there was no one there.”

And there was this one time when: “I saw Melo walk by and go inside the locker room.” Melo had resigned last February but while he was here, he was the target of some friendly-bullying. “I wanted to pull a prank on him,” Mark continued. “So I followed him, but when I got to the locker room, he wasn’t there. No one was.”

“Maybe he walked out and you didn’t see,” I told him.

“That’s impossible,” he said. “I was literally 3 seconds behind him.”

The locker room is small, and didn’t offer hiding places.

The sort-of mysterious locker room

Mark found out later that Melo was in the men’s room that time.

Interestingly, some of the ghost stuff involve the locker area. Ate Juliet and Ate Precious (they were sitting by Mark’s old cubicle) were having a little chat during a lull in the first shift when…

“Someone slammed the door to the locker room,” Ate Juliet told me. “We were startled, so we checked it out. We walked over, opened the door and found no one. We freaked out.”

There weren’t windows in the locker room, so there couldn’t be any drafts. Besides, air wouldn’t have enough force to shut the door that way. I remember this one clearly because it was the middle of the day and there was commotion three aisles behind me. For awhile, we were abuzz with the recent haunting…

And now this. A lone ghost girl sitting beside me, and me not knowing she was there.

I know there can be a number of logical explanations to these occurrences. But I like to think that it was really ghosts. it provides a bit of color to the otherwise monotonous 8-hour workday.

Interesting, yeah. Exciting, pretty much. I still wouldn’t want my OWN ghost experience (this girl in the next chair by me doesn’t count), but I wonder with a thrill when the next one’s gonna be. 🙂

The World Ends When Your Earphones Break

June 4, 2012, 6:31pm

I dunno why but it’s Monday and I’m already having a string of bad luck. This is not the way to start the week. I haven’t even done anything mean yet, so why all this bad karma? I do hope this is not ‘make-life-difficult-for-Yosef’ week again because I’ve been having those since last month and the shit is getting old.

I spent the morning updating my blog with some..er..old posts from December last year. Then I started customizing my blog again to see what would look good. I was still satisfied with the entire thing though so I left it pretty much as it was. Then I went on to write a more current account of my life, so there, I’m all set to maintain this page with a capital M. I aim to update this blog as often as possible, unlike that blog I left on Tumblr. lol Wish me luck!

So anyway, I was there sitting at the laptop, and realized that it was already 12nn! I barely have enough time to fry up some cheesedogs for lunch, take a shower, wash the dishes from breakfast and dress before I was due to the office at 2pm!

I’ve never moved faster in my life. In 30 minutes, I did all that needs to be done–cook, wash, shower, put on my ‘commuter’ clothes, trim the beginnings of a stache– and, splashing on cologne and making sure all appliances were turned off, hauled ass out of the door. I locked up and braved the rain with my trusty black Fibrella. I listened to Ace of Base‘s remix of ‘Cruel Summer‘ and didn’t feel like myself. My thoughts were focused on arriving at SENCOR on time.

By 1:30pm, a harried-looking me–the way I’d look  if someone forced me to watch Tween Hearts again– took the bus from Buendia to Ayala and felt confident that I wouldn’t be late. Got a red tea Gulp! from 7-Eleven and swiped my card at SENCOR’s with ten minutes to spare.

And then the worst thing happened– I BROKE MY EARPHONES.

Seen here looking alive and well, before falling to its death on the restroom floor

I dropped them while I was changing into office clothes in the men’s room..and that was it, they just stopped working.

The world ended then.

There was the rumble of thunder, the crash and flash as a million meteors hurtled down to earth. Screams, people running for cover, buildings exploding. People grabbing someone to have one last orgasm with before the world sank to hell (hey, that can happen! I saw it in a movie once, but it left me wondering how people can concentrate on summoning an erection when other people are dying outside).

The world ended then. Aliens came and took away the survivors so they could anal probe them for eternity.

The world ended then. The rest became zombies.

I looked down my broken earphones and dropped them in the trash, asking myself why life kept throwing rocks at me. I keep dodging but it almost always have another one aimed right at my head.

Life, you suck.

I dreaded the rest of the day. What will I do without the earphones? What will I do without my favorite music?

I can’t work like this. The severe lack of pop and RnB songs blasting along as I scour the internet for EA leads would drive me into catatonia. I’d feel as worthless and phlegmatic as a housemate in Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition.

This is me at my workstation. Kinda boring huh? If I had my earphones on, there’d be some wild-ass headbanging and dancing-on-the-seat going on. 🙂

My world turns to dust without my earphones. They serve as a protective bubble. People don’t exist beyond my bubble. They are mere whispers to the symphony orchestra that builds up Yosef’s awesomeness. Without my favorite music, I feel incomplete.

At worst, I feel ordinary.

That means being part of the crowd. That means I don’t stand out.

I got my first mp3 player when I was 17 and music then became a staple in my everyday existence. I go to places, walk to places, ride to places while listening to music. I work with music on for half my office hours. I write stuff with Rihanna singing in the background. I lie down, stare at the ceiling and dream as Lady Gaga takes me out my comfort zone into something wilder and better. Music works as the best companion for a single guy like me.

Seriously, who wouldn’t want to listen to these awesome girls? XD

I don’t play music myself. I don’t even sing. But it’s always been with me to enjoy, to build me up, to cry along with when my days are rotten. Without it, it’s just different.

Without it, there’s only silence.

So I’ll just have to hold on for the rest of the day until I get another pair tomorrow. This really sucks ass.

My iPod Shuffle, looking really lonely


Well, I survived the day without music. It was really boring. Although:

  1. I noticed that I could think clearer and talk to people more without the earphones.
  2. I’m kind of more productive at work too.
  3. I get to focus writing this story at my desk.

Very weird. It was as if my earphones breaking actually did me some good. Plus, I figured that it would minimize my risk to hearing loss, at least for a day. Oh-kaay…I guess that’s the bright side of it.

Maybe I should spend three days a week without earphones and music from now on…

Nah. XD

Last Saturday’s Theme + My New Blog

June 3, 2012

I feel like I’ve accomplished something really big today. Yep, I finally made a new blog!

Hey, that’s really big for me since yesterday’s a bit of an asshole– WASTING TIME was Saturday’s theme.

First off, I arrived late for work because the bus took a really long time to come. (And maybe playing with myself before I left the house wasn’t such a good idea– maybe that was the real reason I was 14 minutes late, so maybe, just maybe being late was my fault. Uhmm.. but at least I left the house happier and more awake after the…yeah.)

Then there was that thing with the DVD. After work, where I spent a lot more time chatting with Office Buddy Mark than getting any work done, I went to Ortigas to the DVD store and they told me they didn’t have the drama series I was looking for. So that’s one wasted trip to Ortigas. But I did buy this cool new notebook to write drafts in for my new blog.

My new blog’s (Cocky Streaks) homepage

That done, I took the bus home. There was this annoying little couple next to me and they kept doing these PDA stuff. I was texting Edda then.

Me: I hate this couple. They’re too sweet.

Edda: You’re so bitter. lol

Me: But they’re very annoying. What, they can’t wait til they get home?

Edda: Then stop staring. Omigod, you really are bitter! lol

Me: Well, only coz it brings back memories.

Edda: No way! You do PDA? lol Euww

Yeah… I was kind of thinking about Marlon then, this guy I went third base with last year. But no one’s supposed to know that…until now. But then again, I don’t really care about that anymore.

It was a rainy afternoon, and there was a lot of traffic because it’s Saturday, with people haunting the malls for school supplies coz the next school year’s right around the corner. I was texting Dave too, that time.

Me: You won’t get my free coffee this month since I’m on the second shift. lol

Dave: What? Nooo!

Me: You’ll have to wait til July. What’s your sched this month? lol

Dave: First shift, as usual. Take care, boss. 🙂

I feel really good when I’m talking to this guy, somehow. I guess I got this crush to the Netcomm guy– which is really weird because he’s not really good-looking and he wears funny clothes. I mean, seriously, who wears shiny checkered pants to work? lol Office Buddy Mark and I poke fun at that every so often.

But I guess I have crushes on just about anyone, male or female, and without any regard to age. God, I AM SUCH A WHORE.

(Later this Sunday night, Dave told me how he already has a son, from when he got his girlfriend from college pregnant. I dunno whether to believe him but what I do know is that the secret crush I was harboring just went out the window, as swift as a bird out of the cage. I guess that’s the end of the Netcomm Guy crush. :|)

I was also texting Rey, my best buddy/lil bro. I was complaining about not getting the DVD I wanted.

Rey: What DVD?

Me: Medium Season 5. And a bunch of other stuff.

Rey: Can’t you order those?

Me: I don’t think so. Last time I was there they told me they have a copy.

Then the talk switched to books.

Rey: I want to write Jay Asher-style. You know, from 13 Reasons Why.

Me: What’s his style?

Rey: He’s writing and inserting thoughts while listening to tape.

Me: I dunno why I don’t like fiction authors who write inspirational stuff.

Rey: Lol, Asher doesn’t do inspirational. His novel is about suicide.

Me: Yeah, or stuff like that. Albom, Sparks, Murakami, Coelho… The Lovely Bones must me the only novel I’ve read that came close to stuff like that. lol

Rey: Murakami! But the love story in 13 Reasons Why is really cool.

It was my stop, so I got off the bus at Ilang-Ilang and walked to the tricy terminal. At the corner of Presidential Rd., I almost forgot to pay the driver. So I hurried back and gave it to him, muttering ‘Sorry’, then ran across the road. Slammed my side on another tricy that suddenly stopped near me. It hurt a bit.

Day just kept getting better.

I took a warm bath and settled down to Dean Koontz‘s ‘What the Night Knows‘ with some spicy noodles and monay. After a while, I turned on the laptop and checked my Facebook. At the same time, I created a new Gmail account for that new blog I was excited to start working on.

Minutes later, I wasn’t satisfied with the way my page looks on Blogger– the site doesn’t do it for me today; although it’s easier to do things with Blogger, it also made my page amateurish. At Rey’s suggestion, I tried Weebly, but it just confued me with all those element thingies so I ditched it.

As a last resort, I did Tumblr. Now as my luck would have it, I couldn’t start customizing my page without verifying via email. So I took on my Gmail and the screen flashed Server error. Check in later.

Hours later, trying to calm down as if my life depended on it, I gave up. It was the most disappointing part of the day.  I was late for work, I don’t have my DVD, and I don’t have a blog. I tried a bit of writing on my new notebook, and failed at that too. So I listened to Nicki Minaj‘s ‘Va Va Voom‘, noticing a glitch on the mp3 I downloaded. I shrugged and ended the day by slipping under the covers. Sleep. It was past 12am.

The next day, today, I made it a point to be more productive. I created a new Yahoo! account and decided to try WordPress. A few hours later, I stared at my new blog and was satisfied. I didn’t do a lot of customization, but my page fits me to a T.

So here I am. And here we are.

Hey there. 🙂

Posts that haven’t been published, Part 2

December 7, 2011


Here at SM Makati, down at the foodcourt. Just had some fish katsudon from Tokyo Tokyo. It’s fun, me eating Japanese while still listening to Japanese songs. lol

There are a lot of people here but I didn’t bump into anyone or accidentally hit someone with my elbow or trod on someone’s foot everytime I turn around. That usually happens when I’m in a room full of people.

I’m even more patient now. And by that I didn’t gnash my teeth at someone while I walked from the office to SM. Nor growled, nor barked, nor yelled. I reminded myself: “Be more patient, especially when you’re in a crowd”, and that’s what I’m doing.

There’s another one: “Don’t bully people nor act like a boss.” I’m doing that too, but only because there’s nobody to bully today. lol

Anyway, I think I’m getting the hang of this 10am-6pm thing. Gotta go. Bus to SM Fairview, here we go. 🙂

December 12, 2011

have I ever told you how boring it is to work just after lunch? That lull, you know.

So here I am again, writing this during office hours. I’m still waiting for an update about my request to transfer to Editorial. I wonder if Sir Andre already told Mam Mavic. It’s taking a bit long and I’m getting antsy.

I want to know before the opportunity gets tired and walks out the door. I’ve always wanted to be part of Editorial.

December 15, 2011

Some things that happened since last week:

  • Some of my teammates have been helping out the Legal group on a project. And I heard it was pretty hard. My teammates have been complaining about assisting and not getting paid more. I used to be a bit jealous about not being picked for that project, but now not so much. They are looking STRESSED. Anyway, we were moved to other cubicles to accommodate those with the Legal project thingy, which means I get to be closer to Elaine, although she has moved cubicles too. The arrangement’s fine for me. 🙂
  • My transition from Research to Editorial. Prolly not gonna happen. I suspect Sir Andre hasn’t told Mam Mavic about it and it’s already been a week . No news, so I guess I’m stuck. The worse thing’s I’ve already lost the motivation to actually make that transition. Oh, well.
  • Glenn’s resigning. That’s a bit sad for me. He was my first guy crush since I started working for SENCOR. It’s gonna be different not seeing him around every workday. Huh. K.
  • My parents have arrived here in Manila. Pa’s gonna fix our new house so we could move in this Sunday. I missed my parents and it’s great that they’re here. And yeah, we’re having that family dinner tonight at Kangaroo Jack!
  • Have to get that voucher from my sister, so I could claim that caramel cheesecake from Claudette’s. Oh yeah, I dunno where the heck Claudette’s is. And double yeah, how do I get from Makati to SM North without squashing the cake? The MRT is out of the question. I guess I’ll ask Office Buddy Mark… Mark says, “You should take the Malanday/UE Letre bus to SM North”. Thanks, Mark!
  • I heard that Ate Joyce has already turned in her resignation. Today, Ate Marj will be too. Why is everyone leaving? Ate Marj says: “I wasted three years in here.” Aww…