I Aim to Stay Healthy

I am very happy with the fact that I’m gaining weight. For years, I’ve always been the very thin boy in class, and even though my parents urge me to eat MORE, back then, I just couldn’t do it. I didn’t have the drive for food…or eating.

And then last year, I got very sick. I had pulmonary tuberculosis. It was a wake-up call. No. It was a big-ass slap in the face. I already have a job then, just fresh from college. I was eating well, but most of the time, it’s just a small bite here and there before work. At times, I was starving but didn’t seem to notice. Thus, a weak immune system.

The cough came, the colds, the fever. A week at the hospital–where my parents supported me, but they were also a bit pissed  that I neglected myself to this state. They’ve showered me with reminders that I didn’t care to listen to.

Then the treatment–capsules, pills, liquid meds, injections. A 2-month recovery period at the house where I grew up. I left the city and my job, but only for a while. When I was finally better, I thought: “That was it. I don’t wanna have to go through that again.”

And I started doing what would’ve prevented me getting sick–eating more.

Eating a lot, eating everything, even stuff I don’t like much because they’re healthy and they’re good for me. It was enjoyable, it was great. Now, I love food.

And I’m gaining weight, which is even better. They tell it’s an improvement and I believe them. I see it when I look at myself in the mirror. And a reminder to myself everyday– STAY HEALTHY. 🙂



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