Well, You Know…Ghosts at the Office!

June 6, 2012.

There isn’t any doubt that our office is haunted, not only with letters for SSS updates from irate employees and payday lags earlier this year, but also with hauntings of the woo-woo, Omigod-is-that-a-ghost kind.

Ghosts at the office, yey!

The most recent ‘paramdam’ occured this last Monday. Apparently–

“Ate May said one of the probee guys saw this really pretty girl with short hair sitting beside you last night,” said Ate Ren.

I stared at her, wondering what she was talking about. I’ve just arrived at the office and I was panting a little bit from hurrying along Paseo de Roxas. You already know about the running– I was desperate not to arrive late for work a second time this month.

“A girl, sitting in Mark‘s chair,” said Ate Ren. The smile she gave me was half-creeped out, half-excited.

I told her that Mark was absent and I’d know if someone was sitting at his cubicle coz it was right beside mine.

“Exactly,” she said, nodding.

And it dawned on me–finally– she was talking about a ghost.

I dunno where this ghost stuff came from. Nobody had died in the premises, least as far as I know. But they told me there’d been repeated hauntings over the years. They were creep-out moments sure, but they weren’t stuff you’d see in horror movies.

Sometimes, the spookfest happens in the middle of the day. It seemed like a safe bet that most paranormal activities occur after dark, but maybe these ghosts are some kind of hipsters? Ha.


“So this new guy asked Ate May if she knew the girl’s name,” continued Ate Ren. “He thought she was new to Research. Hey, he even described the cubicle she was sitting at and it was Mark’s cubicle. He said it was the one with the fake animal fur and the flower.”

Mark’s workstation. It’s not as oddly decorated as it looks. XD

Fact is, there aren’t any girl newbies with us in the shift (not yet anyway, they arrived on Tuesday) so maybe the guy was talking about Jane, who’s only with us a few weeks. She is certainly good-looking enough, though she was working the first shift (we work the second) and she doesn’t have short hair. The girl might be from another department but it wasn’t likely that she’d hang out in Research.

It was kind of exciting, actually. Paranormal stuff happening from time to time. As long as I don’t experience them firsthand. lol

Almost always, it was Office Buddy Mark who could sense a ghost. He’s had a couple since he started working here.

Once, while he was sitting by one of our old cubicles (we switch seats every year) located near the locker room, he felt cold fingers stroke the back of his neck. “I thought it was one of our teammates joking around,” he said. “But I turned around and there was no one there.”

And there was this one time when: “I saw Melo walk by and go inside the locker room.” Melo had resigned last February but while he was here, he was the target of some friendly-bullying. “I wanted to pull a prank on him,” Mark continued. “So I followed him, but when I got to the locker room, he wasn’t there. No one was.”

“Maybe he walked out and you didn’t see,” I told him.

“That’s impossible,” he said. “I was literally 3 seconds behind him.”

The locker room is small, and didn’t offer hiding places.

The sort-of mysterious locker room

Mark found out later that Melo was in the men’s room that time.

Interestingly, some of the ghost stuff involve the locker area. Ate Juliet and Ate Precious (they were sitting by Mark’s old cubicle) were having a little chat during a lull in the first shift when…

“Someone slammed the door to the locker room,” Ate Juliet told me. “We were startled, so we checked it out. We walked over, opened the door and found no one. We freaked out.”

There weren’t windows in the locker room, so there couldn’t be any drafts. Besides, air wouldn’t have enough force to shut the door that way. I remember this one clearly because it was the middle of the day and there was commotion three aisles behind me. For awhile, we were abuzz with the recent haunting…

And now this. A lone ghost girl sitting beside me, and me not knowing she was there.

I know there can be a number of logical explanations to these occurrences. But I like to think that it was really ghosts. it provides a bit of color to the otherwise monotonous 8-hour workday.

Interesting, yeah. Exciting, pretty much. I still wouldn’t want my OWN ghost experience (this girl in the next chair by me doesn’t count), but I wonder with a thrill when the next one’s gonna be. 🙂


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