The World Ends When Your Earphones Break

June 4, 2012, 6:31pm

I dunno why but it’s Monday and I’m already having a string of bad luck. This is not the way to start the week. I haven’t even done anything mean yet, so why all this bad karma? I do hope this is not ‘make-life-difficult-for-Yosef’ week again because I’ve been having those since last month and the shit is getting old.

I spent the morning updating my blog with posts from December last year. Then I started customizing my blog again to see what would look good. I was still satisfied with the entire thing though so I left it pretty much as it was. Then I went on to write a more current account of my life, so there, I’m all set to maintain this page with a capital M. I aim to update this blog as often as possible, unlike that blog I left on Tumblr. lol Wish me luck!

So anyway, I was there sitting at the laptop, and realized that it was already 12nn! I barely have enough time to fry up some cheesedogs for lunch, take a shower, wash the dishes from breakfast and dress before I was due to the office at 2pm!

I’ve never moved faster in my life. In 30 minutes, I did all that needs to be done–cook, wash, shower, put on my ‘commuter’ clothes, trim the beginnings of a stache– and, splashing on cologne and making sure all appliances were turned off, hauled ass out of the door. I locked up and braved the rain with my trusty black Fibrella. I listened to Ace of Base‘s remix of ‘Cruel Summer‘ and didn’t feel like myself. My thoughts were focused on arriving at SENCOR on time.

By 1:30pm, a harried-looking me–the way I’d look  if someone forced me to watch Tween Hearts again– took the bus from Buendia to Ayala and felt confident that I wouldn’t be late. Got a red tea Gulp! from 7-Eleven and swiped my card at SENCOR’s with ten minutes to spare.

And then the worst thing happened– I BROKE MY EARPHONES.

Seen here looking alive and well, before falling to its death on the restroom floor

I dropped them while I was changing into office clothes in the men’s room..and that was it, they just stopped working.

The world ended then.

There was the rumble of thunder, the crash and flash as a million meteors hurtled down to earth. Screams, people running for cover, buildings exploding. People grabbing someone to have one last orgasm with before the world sank to hell (hey, that can happen! I saw it in a movie once, but it left me wondering how people can concentrate on summoning an erection when other people are dying outside).

The world ended then. Aliens came and took away the survivors so they could anal probe them for eternity.

The world ended then. The rest became zombies.

I looked down my broken earphones and dropped them in the trash, asking myself why life kept throwing rocks at me. I keep dodging but it almost always have another one aimed right at my head.

Life, you suck.

I dreaded the rest of the day. What will I do without the earphones? What will I do without my favorite music?

I can’t work like this. The severe lack of pop and RnB songs blasting along as I scour the internet for EA leads would drive me into catatonia. I’d feel as worthless and phlegmatic as a housemate in Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition.

This is me at my workstation. Kinda boring huh? If I had my earphones on, there’d be some wild-ass headbanging and dancing-on-the-seat going on. 🙂

My world turns to dust without my earphones. They serve as a protective bubble. People don’t exist beyond my bubble. They are mere whispers to the symphony orchestra that builds up Yosef’s awesomeness. Without my favorite music, I feel incomplete.

At worst, I feel ordinary.

That means being part of the crowd. That means I don’t stand out.

I got my first mp3 player when I was 17 and music then became a staple in my everyday existence. I go to places, walk to places, ride to places while listening to music. I work with music on for half my office hours. I write stuff with Rihanna singing in the background. I lie down, stare at the ceiling and dream as Lady Gaga takes me out my comfort zone into something wilder and better. Music works as the best companion for a single guy like me.

Seriously, who wouldn’t want to listen to these awesome girls? XD

I don’t play music myself. I don’t even sing. But it’s always been with me to enjoy, to build me up, to cry along with when my days are rotten. Without it, it’s just different.

Without it, there’s only silence.

So I’ll just have to hold on for the rest of the day until I get another pair tomorrow. This really sucks ass.

My iPod Shuffle, looking really lonely


Well, I survived the day without music. It was really boring. Although:

  1. I noticed that I could think clearer and talk to people more without the earphones.
  2. I’m kind of more productive at work too.
  3. I get to focus writing this story at my desk.

Very weird. It was as if my earphones breaking actually did me some good. Plus, I figured that it would minimize my risk to hearing loss, at least for a day. Oh-kaay…I guess that’s the bright side of it.

Maybe I should spend three days a week without earphones and music from now on…

Nah. XD


2 responses to “The World Ends When Your Earphones Break

  1. Hi, I love the honesty and frankness of your blog. Thank you for the follow! I’ve had my share of bad karma, it’s gets old before it starts. It was nice meeting you!

    • Thanks!
      It’s just that sometimes the bad karma wears me out, especially when I’ve been experiencing it the past couple days. lol But then almost always, something really good happens and I forget about the bad luck. 🙂
      It was nice meeting you too. 🙂

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