Last Saturday’s Theme + My New Blog

June 3, 2012

I feel like I’ve accomplished something really big today. Yep, I finally made a new blog!

Hey, that’s really big for me since yesterday’s a bit of an asshole– WASTING TIME was Saturday’s theme.

First off, I arrived late for work because the bus took a really long time to come. (And maybe playing with myself before I left the house wasn’t such a good idea– maybe that was the real reason I was 14 minutes late, so maybe, just maybe being late was my fault. Uhmm.. but at least I left the house happier and more awake after the…yeah.)

Then there was that thing with the DVD. After work, where I spent a lot more time chatting with Office Buddy Mark than getting any work done, I went to Ortigas to the DVD store and they told me they didn’t have the drama series I was looking for. So that’s one wasted trip to Ortigas. But I did buy this cool new notebook to write drafts in for my new blog.

My new blog’s (Cocky Streaks) homepage

That done, I took the bus home. There was this annoying little couple next to me and they kept doing these PDA stuff. I was texting Edda then.

Me: I hate this couple. They’re too sweet.

Edda: You’re so bitter. lol

Me: But they’re very annoying. What, they can’t wait til they get home?

Edda: Then stop staring. Omigod, you really are bitter! lol

Me: Well, only coz it brings back memories.

Edda: No way! You do PDA? lol Euww

Yeah… I was kind of thinking about Marlon then, this guy I went third base with last year. But no one’s supposed to know that…until now. But then again, I don’t really care about that anymore.

It was a rainy afternoon, and there was a lot of traffic because it’s Saturday, with people haunting the malls for school supplies coz the next school year’s right around the corner. I was texting Dave too, that time.

Me: You won’t get my free coffee this month since I’m on the second shift. lol

Dave: What? Nooo!

Me: You’ll have to wait til July. What’s your sched this month? lol

Dave: First shift, as usual. Take care, boss. 🙂

I feel really good when I’m talking to this guy, somehow. I guess I got this crush to the Netcomm guy– which is really weird because he’s not really good-looking and he wears funny clothes. I mean, seriously, who wears shiny checkered pants to work? lol Office Buddy Mark and I poke fun at that every so often.

But I guess I have crushes on just about anyone, male or female, and without any regard to age. God, I AM SUCH A WHORE.

(Later this Sunday night, Dave told me how he already has a son, from when he got his girlfriend from college pregnant. I dunno whether to believe him but what I do know is that the secret crush I was harboring just went out the window, as swift as a bird out of the cage. I guess that’s the end of the Netcomm Guy crush. :|)

I was also texting Rey, my best buddy/lil bro. I was complaining about not getting the DVD I wanted.

Rey: What DVD?

Me: Medium Season 5. And a bunch of other stuff.

Rey: Can’t you order those?

Me: I don’t think so. Last time I was there they told me they have a copy.

Then the talk switched to books.

Rey: I want to write Jay Asher-style. You know, from 13 Reasons Why.

Me: What’s his style?

Rey: He’s writing and inserting thoughts while listening to tape.

Me: I dunno why I don’t like fiction authors who write inspirational stuff.

Rey: Lol, Asher doesn’t do inspirational. His novel is about suicide.

Me: Yeah, or stuff like that. Albom, Sparks, Murakami, Coelho… The Lovely Bones must me the only novel I’ve read that came close to stuff like that. lol

Rey: Murakami! But the love story in 13 Reasons Why is really cool.

It was my stop, so I got off the bus at Ilang-Ilang and walked to the tricy terminal. At the corner of Presidential Rd., I almost forgot to pay the driver. So I hurried back and gave it to him, muttering ‘Sorry’, then ran across the road. Slammed my side on another tricy that suddenly stopped near me. It hurt a bit.

Day just kept getting better.

I took a warm bath and settled down to Dean Koontz‘s ‘What the Night Knows‘ with some spicy noodles and monay. After a while, I turned on the laptop and checked my Facebook. At the same time, I created a new Gmail account for that new blog I was excited to start working on.

Minutes later, I wasn’t satisfied with the way my page looks on Blogger– the site doesn’t do it for me today; although it’s easier to do things with Blogger, it also made my page amateurish. At Rey’s suggestion, I tried Weebly, but it just confued me with all those element thingies so I ditched it.

As a last resort, I did Tumblr. Now as my luck would have it, I couldn’t start customizing my page without verifying via email. So I took on my Gmail and the screen flashed Server error. Check in later.

Hours later, trying to calm down as if my life depended on it, I gave up. It was the most disappointing part of the day.  I was late for work, I don’t have my DVD, and I don’t have a blog. I tried a bit of writing on my new notebook, and failed at that too. So I listened to Nicki Minaj‘s ‘Va Va Voom‘, noticing a glitch on the mp3 I downloaded. I shrugged and ended the day by slipping under the covers. Sleep. It was past 12am.

The next day, today, I made it a point to be more productive. I created a new Yahoo! account and decided to try WordPress. A few hours later, I stared at my new blog and was satisfied. I didn’t do a lot of customization, but my page fits me to a T.

So here I am. And here we are.

Hey there. 🙂


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