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Uhmm…from last year. Please bear with me– new posts soon!

December 7, 2011. 

I’m actually writing this during office hours, which just goes to show the kind of employee I am— the kind that’s just begging for a memo.

Or disciplined. Severely.

Or fired.

Uhh..wait, not fired!

It’s 12:48pm and I’m a bit bored. Actually, I already got about 10 leads for JHS— all of them interesting career handbooks for photographers, lawyers, dentists and other stuff— so if they catch me somehow, I’m all covered.

There’s always that particular, yawn-inducing lull after lunch, see.

Anyway— woke up at 4:20am. I was sort of expecting to arrive late for work today. I figured I’d be so sleepy I’d crawl out of bed by 7am, but well, sleep didn’t come easily for me again. Just fits and starts until about 5:30, when i finally said my morning prayers (yes, I pray, though I don’t look it XD) and climbed off the top bunk.

Did the usual morning routine. Checking my body to see if everything was still there, and at the right places. I don’t wanna wake up one morning with my nose on my right butt cheek, for example or my eyes under my teeth, that kinda stuff. XD

Waiting for the bus heading to Ayala was a nightmare. Crowds! Again! I just hate crowds. And this morning, they’re waiting with me, all those people. Darn it.

It was a race every time the bus opened its doors. And I suddenly remembered why I love doing first shift at work. I never had to compete against other commuters for a bus seat.

Finally, another Ayala bus came, and I jumped in—and it was a rollercoaster ride right then and there. The vehicle was chockfull of people, spilling from the back aisle all the way to the door.

If waiting for the bus was a nightmare, riding in THIS SITUATION was like waking up and realizing that this shit is real. I stood near the driver and hung on for dear life. The problem was…where? Everywhere about me, hands and arms clinging to handlebars.

Where do I put mine?

Ahh, the stress of early morning ride to work. I fought to keep my balance when the bus turns or brakes to a stop; one time I almost grabbed some woman’s blouse lest I fly through and smash against the windshield.

I could just imagine some little girl standing on the sidewalk, pointing at me and then turning to her mother. “Ma, what’s that guy doing with his face all mushed up on the windshield?”

“Oh, he’s just being stupid, dear. Don’t pay him any attention.”


I sat down on the steps for a while, just to get some money out my bag for the fare. I couldn’t imagine doing that standing. Yeah, I was THAT desperate.

After a while, as the bus zoomed through East Ave., a lot of people got off, and I hauled my sweaty ass through the aisle until i found somewhere to stand on with a bit more space. It was getting crowded at the front, and well, yeah, the konduktor wasn’t smelling particularly great.

I wasn’t saying it was THAT BAD.

Uhm.. yeah, it was actually THAT BAD. XD

Then other people got up and left and I finally had a seat all to myself. I was relieved. It was a pleasant trip to Ayala after that.

I arrived in Makati, hopped off the bus, went straight for our office building, used the men’s room on the ground floor and tracked back to Krispy Kreme first. I was a wee bit early (an hour early). I figured I deserved something sugary and a barrel of caffeine after that ordeal. What’s exciting is that I’d probably go through the same thing tomorrow.


Then, it’s worktime, me searching for leads across the great Internet. But I spent more time at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I usually get my leads there.

Saw my crushes all the while. They’re all looking great. I did the usual pretend-you-don’t-see-them technique. 🙂


I only have P2,000 in my ATM, note to self. All the spending’s taking its toll on me. Jeez.

So, about lunch. Yeah, interesting stuff, I almost sat next to Ultimate Office Crush, Elaine, by the long counter. Well, sorta. She was like three seats away from me but it was CLOSE enough. Close enough to turn to her  and say hi if I was braver.

But I did say almost. What I actually did was to sit as far away from her as possible– that means I got about a couple of seats between me and her, plus Nico and Kuya Pat Jr. and figured that was far enough.

All throughout lunch, I had to ignore my teammates teasing me about her. So I put on my earphones and listened to something anime-y to ward off the embarrassment.

Worktime again. And about an hour ago, they posted the final 12 for that singing contest thingy for the company Christmas party. Well, that’s cool. Three of my teammates made the cut.

Anyway, I’m writing this after our snack break and I TAGged all of my new entries.

Nico walked up to me before he left for home and hinted on something that’s supposed to make me happier. SOmething about me, and Elaine and Facebook. Could it be that she’s already accepted my friend request, which has been pending, in like forever?

More details later. I’m preparing for home. XD


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