New Acquisitions!

Got my new Terry Pratchett book– Guards! Guards! After months of suspense/thrillers, it’s a real treat to dive back into TP’s fun and fantastic Discworld. XD

By sheer luck, I saw this at the Below P100 Sale at the National Bookstore in SM Megamall. Last time I’ve read Alexander McCall Smith (The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency) was back in 2010. Didn’t bother getting the rest of the books coz they are wayyy expensive. But this one, I got for P99.
I think I was meant to have this book, yeah. XD

Grave Secret by Charlaine Harris

Grave Secret by Charlaine Harris

Newest acquisition — Grave Secret by Charlaine Harris. With this, I’ve finally completed all four Harper Connelly novels.

Book Description:  When she was 15, Harper Connelly was struck by a bolt of lightning, which left her with a spiderweb of red over her body, headaches, and episodes of weakness. Sometimes her right hand shakes. And she can find dead people.

It’s taken a while, but at last Harper’s pretty happy with her life: she’s making a living, using her unique talent to help people, and she’s got a lover – her stepbrother Tolliver. That creeps some people out, but though they grew up together, and got each other through the real bad times – their parents’ drug-use, the abuse, the disappearance of Harper’s elder sister Cameron – they’re not blood relatives.

Then Tolliver’s dad arrives on the scene, seeking forgiveness for the sins of their youth, and the police get a tip-off that after all these years, Cameron’s been spotted in a mall. With all this going on Harper realises life is getting a little complicated, but she doesn’t expect those complications to include Tolliver getting shot, or watching a cop die taking a bullet for her.

Harper can find dead people, but now it’s clear someone wants her dead . . .

Pokemon Black Re-Play (2) — The Pinwheel Forest Chase

Hi there. Earlier this week, I started playing PM Black again. Here’s what’s happening so far…

I took out Cress from the Striaton City Gym. He’s one of the three Gym Leader siblings. Using my newly evolved Pignite and my Lvl 15 Pansage, I got myself the Trio Badge!

I always cringe when I look at that weird blue hair, seriously. XD

After doing a lot of stuff after that–battling Cheren and winning, taking back the Pokemon Team Plasma stole from a little girl and the subsequent Pokemon-catching and level ups– I took on Lenora of Nacrene City and won against her. I received the Basic Badge for that. 🙂

Lenora, one of my favorite Gym Leaders in Unova. I wonder what she’s doing with that lame-ass Hawes guy though. True love, I guess. lol

You all knew what happened after that. Team Plasma barged into the museum/Gym and stole the Dragon skull (Dragonite skull, from the look of it) from the center exhibit. So I was tasked to go after Team Plasma and retrieve the skull with (gay?) Castelia City Gym Leader, Burgh.

Anyway, before that, here’s my Pokemon team so far…

Pignite Lvl 26

Drilbur Lvl 26

Blitzle Lvl 26

Tranquill Lvl 26

I aim to add a Sewaddle  to my team, as my Grass-type. Pansage is cool, but I already took him all the way to the Elite Four during my first playthrough. This time, I want to use something new.  XD

More updates soon! XD

The third time these last three months…

There was this guy sitting next to me in the bus the other night; prolly wanted to hook up. He kept rubbing his leg against mine. Like over and over. Even though I ignored him, not even remotely interested, and moved my leg as far away as possible, I felt a bit empowered.

It was a first. Some people actually want me. I guess my pheromones are still working. They are dead-ass lazy, but they’re still working. XD

Legazpi City + Mayon Volcano = One of the Bicol Region’s Best

Legazpi City + Mayon Volcano = One of the Bicol Region's Best

Sparkling City of Legazpi and Mayon Volcano! Only in the Philippines! 🙂 – Photo from Pilipino Ako.

I really miss this place. I stayed here for four years (but only on school days) when I studied at Bicol University (AB Journalism). This place is a highlight of my college life. It was the first time I lived away from home and learned about being independent. I met my bestfriends here, my secret crushes, also the people I’ve grown to hate.

This is the place where I became what I am today. My triumphs and failures, the things I’ve learned. All of it here, in this city, with that beautiful, wonderful volcano as an awesome backdrop.

I love it. I miss it. I’m gonna come visit again when I have the opportunity. 🙂